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Ninja show
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A full-fledged ninja show by the ninja performance group “Raifuujin”
It is a powerful ninja show in which modern ninja who are active in the world fight with all their might.
Please enjoy the spectacular performance that unfolds from the superhuman physical abilities cultivated through daily training. (about 20 minutes)

It is a fun program that is a little different from the indoor ninja show, so small children can watch it with peace of mind.
(about 10 minutes)

*[Outdoor Ninja Show] will be closed in winter due to poor conditions due to freezing.
* Performance hours may change due to circumstances.

Popular spots

Ninja Karakuri House

Karakuri House
It is a house built by a ninja full of gimmicks to protect yourself from enemies.
There are plenty of ninja secrets, including unexpected weapons hidden, secret loopholes and secret doors.
You can enjoy a ninja experience while discovering various "mechanisms" set in a maze-like mansion.

Shuriken Dojo Attraction

Shuriken Dojo Attraction
A "shuriken" attraction where you can actually experience ninja weapons. Will it hit or not?
You can also receive freebies by the number you hit. Please try challenging.

Ninja experience dojo (ninja training for children)

Ninjutsu Experience Dojo
You will train with a ninja teacher at the outdoor ninjutsu experience dojo in the garden and the indoor ninjutsu experience dojo “Raifu Yashiki”.
This is the most popular event for children who aim to become a full-fledged ninja by experiencing training such as throwing stars and ninja swords.
After successfully completing the training, the little ninja can receive a certificate of completion from the ninja.

Ninjutsu Shinto no Michi (Athletic)

Ninjutsu Shinto no Michi (Athletic)
"Ninjutsu Shinto no Michi" is an athletic experience where ninja practice can be experienced.
As a ninja like a ninja "twist wall" going through the wall and "Naruko Hell" scratching the rope with Naruko scratching, "Karakuri Maze" where the tricks lurk in various places, such as twelve It consists of items.

Ninja costumes (rental)

Ninja costumes for rent (rental)
Ninja costumes can be rented for both adults and children.
You can become a ninja and take various pictures in the Japanese garden where magnificent Mt. Fuji spreads out before your eyes.
There is no doubt that it will be a memento of your visit. It is very popular among children as well as adults.
You can choose from 3 colors of black, red and blue.

Japanese garden

Japanese garden
With the world heritage site Mt. Fuji in the background, you can enjoy seasonal Japanese scenery such as cherry blossoms, azaleas, irises, and Japanese maples, as well as "Ojizo-san no Komichi". Please enjoy the nature of the village that changes with the seasons and the expression of Mt. Fuji.


A footbath where you can enjoy a view of the grand Mt. Fuji and the Japanese garden of Oshino Shinobi no Sato.
Relax and soothe your tired feet with athletics, ninjutsu experience, and garden walks.
*Currently, we are closed due to a malfunction. Thank you for your understanding.

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