Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about sales

Can I use pets?

You can use it if you are on a pet cart that can cover the whole body.
Free rental carts: 1 for medium-sized dogs / 2 for small dogs *Used on a first-come, first-served basis.
We do not have carts for large dogs. Please bring your own cart.
◆Precautions for use◆
・Please do not take your pet out of the pet cart inside the venue.
・Entry with leads is prohibited.
・People who do not have a pet (dog) excrement disposal bag are not allowed to enter. Please dispose of your pet's (dog's) droppings and take them home with you.
If you mark it, please flush it with water from your PET bottle.
・Pets (dogs) that have not been vaccinated against rabies and mixed vaccines are not allowed to enter.
In addition, pets (dogs) that are currently suffering from infectious diseases are also refused.
・We cannot take any responsibility if pets (dogs) injure or injure other guests or cause an accident.
Also, if you damage equipment in the park, you may be asked to compensate for the damage.
・Entering indoor facilities (attraction facilities, shops, restaurants, restrooms, indoor free rest areas, etc.) is not permitted.
・If you are bringing your pet (dog) with you, please use the take-out menu at the tea house Fujimi Saryo Terrace.
・Please refrain from leaving pets temporarily with staff or other guests, as this may cause trouble.
・Please stay away from moving objects such as attractions as much as possible.
In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, our company will not be held responsible.
・Please use the special gate when entering and exiting with pets (dogs). (You cannot enter the entrance shop)
Please be considerate of customers who do not like pets (dogs) and customers who are allergic to pets.
・When you enter the indoor facilities (attraction facilities, shops, restaurants, toilets, indoor free rest areas, etc.), please thoroughly shake off pet (dog) hair from your clothes before entering. .
In areas where disinfectants such as alcohol are provided, please disinfect your hands before entering.
・Do not brush pets (dogs) in the park.
・Depending on the condition of the pet (dog) at the time of your visit, we may refuse entry.
・In addition, please be careful not to cause your pet (dog) to harm other guests or make them feel uncomfortable.

I would like to know the weather information of the surroundings such as the snowfall situation

Please contact us directly (0555-84-1122)

Can I enter the stroller / wheelchair?

Yes, you can go to the entrance.
However, entry to Karakuri Mansion and Shinobi Monomi Yagura is not permitted due to steps, etc.

Please tell me the opening hours

Business hours vary depending on the season and the day.
Please confirm sales calendar in detail.

Can I reserve a meal restaurant (restaurant)?

We are sorry, but we refuse reservation.
* Reservations with groups are possible. For details, Fujikyu Sales Department 03-3376-1121
Please contact us.

Is there a place to change diapers or breastfeed?

Yes, we have. (1 place in the park)

Can I bring in foods or drinks?

I'm sorry but we do not accept bringing in.
Please use the meal service "Snow moon style flower" · "Fujimi tea house".

Can you smoke cigarette in the park?

Please use the smoking area. (1 location in the park)

Is re-entry possible?

Yes, re-entry is possible by presenting a ticket on the day.

Is it possible to refund the entry tickets?

Sorry, we refuse refund of tickets.

Question regarding group use

Can I use it in groups?

Please contact us for groups reservations of 15 people or more. Fujikyu Sales Department 03-3376-1121

Can I eat for the general public by group use?

Sorry to trouble you, we will guide group buffets for use by groups.

Can I bring in a boxed lunch?

We are sorry, we do not bring lunch.


Were you a ninja in Oshino?

Please come and visit Oshino Shinobi no Sato!

Are you currently a ninja in Oshino?

A ninja show by the ninja group is held every day!

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